Skin Camouflage Case Study

The scar camouflage process Keloid scar overlying the sternum. It is red and raised. Its location and colour mean it is visible to casual observation in clothing that exposes the chest area Osiris nurse practitioner works with the client to understand their concerns and goals of treatment. The most appropriate products are selected to start…

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Scar Desensitisation Case Study

Alison* was 11 years old when she trod on a broken glass in 2015 when playing outside with friends. She underwent surgery to remove glass from her left foot but during the healing process, Alison’s scar and surrounding tissues became hypersensitive. In 2018, Osiris Health was instructed by Alison’s solicitor to provide a programme of…

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Scar Management Case Study

Claire suffered life threatening injuries in an industrial gas explosion in 2015 for which she required admission to intensive care. Her injuries included burns to 17% of her body, lacerations to her left arm and soft tissue damage, with muscle loss to her left thigh. Unstable cervical spinal fractures required emergency surgery. Facial burns and ongoing…

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Christopher Walmsley

When Chris was 28 years old he suffered a severe brain injury as a result of being a pedestrian in a road traffic incident. His injuries meant he had to be ventilated on intensive care. Once his condition had stabilised, he was transferred to a rehabilitation unit and then a nursing home. Since then Chris…

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