Osiris Client Features Alongside Adam Hills in Channel 4 Documentary

We were delighted to see our client, Josh Whipday, recently feature in Channel 4 documentary Adam Hills: Take His Legs.

The documentary followed the journey of the Warrington Wolves Physically disabled Rugby League (PDRL) team in their bid to become world champions. Josh, who is a member of the team, features in the programme alongside Adam Hills, comedian, host of Channel 4’s The Last Leg and team member of the Warrington Wolves. As a huge rugby league fan with Australian roots, Hills set out on a mission to take the Warrington team to Australia to play against their PDRL league leaders, South Sydney Rabbitohs.

Set up as the first PDRL team in the country, Warrington Wolves has members from all over country, including Manchester-based Josh. Following the journey of the team through their early matches, right through to their trip to Australia in which the Warrington team are ultimately victorious against the Rabbitoh’s, the documentary is a moving and inspirational story of the role sport can play for those with physical disabilities.

Josh was referred to ourselves earlier this year for ongoing rehabilitation. He has a diagnosis of spastic diplegia cerebral palsy (birthing injury) and has commenced rehabilitative input from ourselves including neurological physiotherapy; spasticity management; occupational therapy and hand therapy.

Josh is no stranger to competitive physical activity and takes part in not only rugby but also Ju Jitsu, alongside training regularly in a gym setting.  Josh’s positive attitude is infectious and being able to participate in sport is clearly something that plays an important role in his life.

During the documentary, Josh said:

“If there’s something you want to do, you’ve just got to go and do it haven’t you. You’ve got to try and if you fail, then you fail. But if you don’t fail, then happy days. You succeed.”

Pete Sanderson, Osiris Health Clinical Director, commented:

“Working with Josh over the course of the last few months has been a pleasure for the whole team. Working with a client who is so highly motivated makes our job so much easier. Josh engages with each and every element of his rehabilitation, improving the outcomes for himself and extending his ability to undertake the sporting activities he loves so much.”

Adam Hills: Take His Legs is a highly recommended watch, and is available to stream on All 4 until the middle of January https://www.channel4.com/programmes/adam-hills-take-his-legs/on-demand/70133-001

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