Video Launched to Promote Cheshire and Mersey Facial Palsy Support Group

This month has seen the launch of a video by charity Facial Palsy UK, featuring Osiris Health’s Advanced Practitioner Physiotherapist, Helen Martin. The video has been filmed to promote the Cheshire and Mersey Facial Palsy Support Group, which takes place every other month in Liverpool.  


The video explains the many benefits of attending a support group aimed at people with facial palsy and their friends and relatives. Benefits include access to support and advice, and through talking to each other and specialist practitioners the gaining of knowledge and tips on how to deal with day to day hurdles. Those who regularly attend the group gain a real sense of belonging and many also report increased self-esteem and confidence.  


During the video, Sheila, who has facial palsy herself and is also one of the group’s facilitators, comments:  


“I felt so good because there was somebody else out there who looked like me and was going through the same emotions I was going through… It gives you confidence, you go from the meeting and you just feel you want to take on the world.”


The video interviews several of the groups regular attendees, along with its facilitators, aiming to encourage others who have facial palsy to come along.   


Helen Martin, who specialises in facial physiotherapy, features throughout the video and is also interviewed. As one of the Cheshire and Mersey support group’s facilitators, Helen has seen first-hand the wide range of benefits group therapy can have.  


“Being involved with the Cheshire and Mersey Facial Palsy UK support group has taught me as much about the everyday challenges faced by those with facial paralysis as I have seen throughout my 16 years of clinical experience.  


“It’s been fantastic to see the group develop over the three years it has been running so far and to see what its members have already gained. 


The video was funded using monies the group have raised, a large part of which came from a donation from the Police Mutual Fund. Special thanks to #weareinvite film makers, who produced the film at a reduced rate.  


You can watch the video here.  

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