Year of Sharing Knowledge Starts with International Course

The Osiris Health team has started a year of knowledge sharing with an international course with attendees from over 10 countries. Our team, led by clinical directors Pete Sanderson and Paul McArthur, delivered the ‘Ultrasound and Anatomy – lnjection Course for Botulinum Toxin Treatment’ course over two days in conjunction with MERZ, Expert Anatomy.

20 delegates attended the course, all with the aim of improving their injection technique. Delegates came from America, Russia, Italy, Brazil, Denmark, Holland, Spain and the UK to the workshop, which took place in Manchester.

The course, which consisted of both theoretical and practical sessions, was designed to promote the safe usage and optimal treatment response with botulinum toxin therapy during the management of spasticity and sialorrhea. The workshop included teaching on accurate injections to the upper limb and salivary glands with the use of anatomical landmarks, alongside learning how to use ultrasound guidance for localization and injection.

Feedback from the two days was excellent, with delegates reporting that the course exceeded their expectations, also rating it highly in terms of scientific quality and relevance. Comments from delegates included that they had gained ‘improved anatomical knowledge, better muscle localisation’.

The course is the first of many teaching engagements and courses our team are set to be involved with throughout 2020. Several events are already booked in over the year, both in the UK and internationally. Our team are frequently invited to share his skills and expertise with both national and international colleagues.

Pete Sanderson commented:

“Sharing knowledge is one of the key parts of our role. As leaders in the area of Botulinum Toxin treatment for spasticity and sialorrhea management, we’re keen to help other therapists to use this important technique in a safe and effective way.”

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