Skin Camouflage Case Study

The scar camouflage process

Keloid scar overlying the sternum. It is red and raised. Its location and colour mean it is visible to casual observation in clothing that exposes the chest area


Osiris nurse practitioner works with the client to understand their concerns and goals of treatment.


The most appropriate products are selected to start the camouflage process


Different camouflage shades are blended where required to ensure the best match with a client’s natural skin tones


Careful application allows a graduated effect from unaffected skin into the area to be camouflaged


Finishing powder assists in the creation of a matt effect


Fixing spray promotes a long lasting result resistant to removal by clothing, touch or perspiration


The completed camouflage process results in a much more uniform skin tone across the chest and the matt effect assists in creating the illusion of a smoother contour


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